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We provide timely, practical & pragmatic support to utilities & infrastructure organisations, enabling them to overcome disruptive and turbulent challenges through sustainable transformation change.

The utilities and infrastructure sector is undergoing rapid change, and Linea’s expert business improvement and change management services, combined with our extensive industry expertise ensure your organisation is at the forefront of that evolution.

We are business improvement and change specialists who can help your organisation reinvent the way it works, overcoming financial and operational challenges through strategic insight and hands-on delivery support, we deliver rapid change and sustainable growth.

Through tailored guidance and direct support, we empower utilities and infrastructure companies to create better futures for themselves and their customers.

Historically, utilities and infrastructure industries have faced many challenges, with organisations operating on the basis of established methods, time-tested business models and familiar industry dynamics. However, this is quickly starting to change, as businesses react to new opportunities and market evolution, such as:

  • The decarbonisation and sustainability drive in light of the climate change agenda.
  • Managing various resource pressures, including natural, human and financial resources.
  • Digitisation and technological advances, facilitating efficient working practices and pivoting traditional industries in new directions.
  • The increasing shift towards global urbanisation, which is stoking demand.
  • Decentralisation and customisation removing barriers to entry, enabling companies, communities, and individuals to provide the markets with additional capacity.
  • Government unity & infrastructure programmes aligned to political policy, structural and economic reforms.


Leveraging our robust understanding of the dynamics affecting the utilities and infrastructure sector, Linea can help organisations to meet these challenges head-on in numerous ways, including:

  • Helping you to adopt & adapt to the latest technologies, including real-time data usage monitoring, as well as new tools and techniques for customer relationship management and workforce planning.
  • Assisting your organisation in making environmentally focused changes to your business practices, in line with current legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • Providing support and advice on major changes to company structures or revamped business models, including overseeing merger and acquisition processes.
  • Supporting businesses through key leadership transitions, with a focus on seamless handovers and long-term succession planning.
  • Developing effective communication strategies to ensure that all staff members, customers and stakeholders buy into and support these companies in their transformation plans.
  • Driving sustainable financial, operational, and quality improvement & innovation, creating a lasting culture of excellence.


We have experience of successfully working with the following types of organisations:

  • Energy network operators and service providers
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Sanitation and waste disposal providers
  • Telecommunications and internet service providers
  • Transport network operators
  • Water companies
  • Key stakeholders

At Linea, we are committed to helping utilities & infrastructure organisations with change management and business transformation to embrace their full potential and meet the changing needs of their customers. By working with us, you can ensure that your organisation is at the forefront of the industry’s efforts to tackle the infrastructure challenges facing our society.


Linea did a tremendous job, their process and technical expertise helped to develop practical and efficient solutions to our challenges.

Programme Director
Gas Industry Maintenance

Using the IESE Framework Agreement enabled the organisation to appoint the successful Works Contractor early.  With the support of Linea the process of running a mini competition to select the most suitable contractor went smoothly, securing timely board approval.  The selection process and partnering approach enabled the project to complete on time.

Estate Development Manager
Hospital Design & Build

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Improved Efficiency

A FTSE 250 Group Company providing planned, response and compliance maintenance, as well as being the UK’s leading provider of health safety and risk management services.


An example of our Interim Management Professionals, adept in supporting clients in solving problems, managing complex challenges and delivering sustainable change.

Stephen Moore

Claire Schneider-Williams




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