Banks, Private Equity & Asset Based Lenders

We provide banks, private equity firms and asset-based lenders with specialist business transformation and change management support, maximising portfolio business value and assisting organisations drive return on investment and assure capital repayment.

Banks, private equity & asset-based lenders deploy significant capital to generate medium to long-term returns, and continual business transformation and strategic renewal is essential to keep pace with a fast-changing marketplace.

Regardless, of whether it’s lending against business assets or buying businesses with the aim of increasing future value, both business models are based on three crucial aspects;

However, current economic, environmental & political issues, as well as the ongoing digital transformation of banking and private equity, continue to impact the sector and will significantly affect client viability and future capital return without a clear approach to change management.

The market conditions are certainly challenging, but we at Linea thrive in such conditions. Our culture is focused on achieving tangible business transformation solutions and our approach is tenacious; combined with our deep industry insight, we bring a meaningful difference to the sector.

We deploy our change management experience & expertise for banks, private equity firms and asset-based lenders to support clients to turnaround, transform and ultimately deliver substantial stakeholder value to business portfolios.

Working in partnership with portfolio management teams, we resolve a wide array of distress, crisis and transformational situations, from near-term liquidity challenges to supporting digital transformation and equipping organisations for sustainable future growth. We monitor, protect and enhance your interests through proactive, practical, pragmatic and seamless support.

The sector has undergone significant evolution in recent years, and the pace of change continues to accelerate, creating significant impetus for businesses in this space to adapt accordingly. This includes significant reforms to legislative frameworks in response to major recessions, as well as the transformative changes that increased digitalisation have brought to global financial markets.

As monetary policy continues to evolve and borrowing trends remain volatile in the aftermath of the pandemic, many banks, lenders & investors are having to embrace more agile, flexible and responsive business models in order to remain competitive.

However, such changes often result in reduced transparency, increased risk and pressure regarding viable capital returns, requiring clients to work harder and smarter to add value to their portfolios.

By partnering with business management teams, Linea’s experienced team of change management and business transformation specialists can play an instrumental role. We will provide stakeholder assurance, resolve problems early so they don’t continue to escalate, revise and prioritise strategic objectives and help you build internal capability to instil change cultures, which enable organisations to do more with less, exceeding customer and stakeholder expectations.


We work with UK and international finance firms to provide strategic change and business transformation support, assisting them in developing and implementing ambitious new strategies, addressing difficult challenges and modernising operations within portfolio businesses. Our professionals leverage global, technical and relevant industry expertise to bring essential clarity, enabling clients to cut through the complexity often found in these situations. Our teams help you resolve complex issues and exploit high-growth opportunities, enabling your business portfolios to unlock their full potential and better meet stakeholder expectations

Our support comprises:

  • Comprehensive assurance, health checks and capability / capacity reviews – pre, mid and post-investment.
  • Options appraisals & due diligence to inform and support investment decisions.
  • Organisational distress & crisis management to rapidly restore market & stakeholder credibility.
  • Turnaround & transformation of companies struggling with financial solvency, operational performance and quality enhancement.
  • Leading capability development and the provision of specialist interim resource to underpin capability and capacity gaps.
  • Workforce & HR resolution, incorporating people plans, TUPE & transfer, engagement, buy-in and cultural change.
  • Merger, acquisition and strategic partnering support, pre and post integration.
  • Development of new service offerings, supported by the adoption of innovation and technology.
  • Supporting organisational leadership transitions, delivering seamless handovers, and ensuring long-term succession planning.
  • Support on digital transformation in banking and for private equity firms, helping to future-proof your operations and ensure they keep pace with evolving client expectations.


Our experience and expertise in this highly specialised field is well-established. We provide a comprehensive level of change management and business transformation support across the following categories:

  • Banking service providers, including commercial, retail and community banks, as well as credit unions
  • Private equity firms, venture capital organisations, hedge funds and investment groups
  • Asset-based lenders
  • Family offices
  • Buyout firms
  • Alternative lends
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Government development banks
  • Key stakeholders

We help your portfolio businesses achieve their true potential and ensure / maximise return on capital deployed.


The team were highly skilled at performance improvement and helped our management team to implement actions across a wide range of areas to bring costs in line with revenue in what is a difficult market.

Asset Based Leading Provider

We chose Linea because of their sector experience and we weren’t disappointed. We didn’t just get a confirmatory due diligence from them; they added value throughout the transaction, provided operational upside advice and built good working relationships with the different parties involved in the transaction.

MBO Business

The team’s knowledge and professionalism enabled them to overcome cultural differences to deliver an outstanding piece of work, which enabled us to make some rapid improvements, whilst restructuring our business for future challenges.

Performance Improvement Director
PE Owned Financial Services Provider

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Improved Production

We introduced Lean and Six Sigma principles and techniques into operations to improve performance for a Greek subsidiary of a US Financial Services organisation which needed to improve its key value streams.


An example of our Interim Management Professionals, adept in supporting clients in solving problems, managing complex challenges and delivering sustainable change.

Ian Chambers

Mark Taylor

David Axon

Ibrahim Sheikh

Mark Steel




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