We help Government organisations improve the lives of citizens worldwide by transforming processes, reducing waste & delivering optimum value for the public.

The Government & Social Sector is under immense disruption & change in an attempt to keep pace with consumer demand and private sector innovation. We help organisations respond to these challenges through change management, innovation, business transformation & smarter working. With the ultimate focus of maximising outcomes, revolutionising services, and improving citizen experience.

At Linea, we can help public sector organisations to review the challenges they face, whether these be strategic, financial, or operational. With our industry-leading change management expertise for Government and the public sector, we devise strategic solutions to complex challenges, combined with practical hands-on implementation support and knowledge transfer to build workforce capability, thereby ensuring rapid and sustainable problem resolution.

At Linea, we understand the specific challenges that organisations in the public sector face. Government bodies & social sector organisations are frequently asked to contend with strictly defined budgets, exacting public scrutiny and a constant drive to operate in a leaner, more efficient way.

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified these pressures as the public sector looks to claw back some of its expenditure & alleviate the burden on the public purse.

As such, organisations will need to find new & more intelligent ways of maximising the utilisation of their existing assets & resources, without placing undue pressure on a workforce who have often been stretched to the limit.

We can draw upon years of experience delivering change management support for public sector organisations to help you achieve this, working in close partnership with your team to proactively solve problems & deliver rapid results.


Regardless of the size of your organisation, or the challenge it is facing, Linea will go above & beyond to ensure the best & most sustainable outcome, delivering the change required to achieve great things.

We provide the following business transformation and change management services for Government and public sector organisations:

  • Aligning strategic direction to purpose and ‘True North’ through effective deployment.
  • Developing & enhancing the skills of your team to unlock new potential for innovation & create a lasting culture of excellence.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve your efficiency, including streamlining processes & eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and waste.
  • Modernising your infrastructure, including facilitating the adoption of digital workflow management aids & the latest collaboration tools.

  • Providing due diligence, options appraisal and business case development.
  • Providing complex procurement, financial and commercial advice on major capital projects and programmes, whilst facilitating sustainable and sensible commercialisation.
  • Ensuring that the services you provide are of the very highest quality, and meet the needs & expectations of the public who fund them.


We have experience of successfully working with the following types of Government and public sector organisations internationally:

  • Authorities
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Public & social service providers
  • Research councils
  • Government owned enterprise
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Community organisations
  • Charities
  • Social enterprises
  • Community Interest companies
  • Key stakeholders

We are committed to supporting Government & public sector Organisations to drive true & measurable societal value.


Linea’s knowledge and expertise were fundamental in assisting the Municipality to derive improvement strategies  and  outline  an  approach  for  implementation. The  team  engaged  at  all  levels  of  the organisation providing unparalleled advice and support, imparting their know-how and experience to resolve a number of strategic challenges. I would not hesitate to recommend Linea’s support to other organisations requiring similar support.

Director Strategic Investment
Government Municipality

The Linea team were very experienced, diligent and hardworking. They achieved great results in difficult circumstances and under significant time pressures. I would have no hesitation in recommending Linea to other organisations that require consultancy support either in the UAE or elsewhere.

Deputy Commander in Chief
Police Service

What we have put into practice following C.I implementation is making things a lot easier to manage. We can now focus more time on delivering a better, more cost effective service.

HR Business Partner
Local Authority

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Positive Return on Investment

A substantial local authority serving a population in excess of 1 million, with a budget in excess of £3bn wanted to develop their HR team in continuous improvement methodologies to improve service standards, whilst driving efficiency and cost reduction.


An example of our Interim Management Professionals, adept in supporting clients in solving problems, managing complex challenges and delivering sustainable change.

Ian Chambers

Ibrahim Sheikh

Stephen Moore

Lawrence Olumbori




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