Delivering positive impact through sustainable intervention.

We support positive team and community influence, building the trust and respect of our stakeholders and clients, via four ‘CORE’ responsibilities.


Through the people, knowledge, skills and resources at our disposal, we identify and develop innovative and effective ways to support our community.

One Team

The diverse experience and expertise of our people, combine capability and energy, tirelessly supporting clients to solve problems and instil best practice.


When conducting our business, we demonstrate strong, committed, responsible behaviour; treating staff, clients and stakeholders fairly, with honesty and integrity, in line with our values.


We conduct operations in an environmentally friendly manner, continually improving our sustainability and environmental performance through effective management.

We’re Racing to Zero

We are proud to announce that we are serious about the climate emergency and are committed to reaching Future Net Zero Emissions by 2030.

We aim to offset the remaining emissions through a range of Certified Emission Reduction (CER) schemes, which are designed to reduce, avoid or remove carbon from the atmosphere.  Schemes include Solar, Hydro & Wind Power, in addition to a wide range of forestry initiatives.  

In addition, Linea is also ISO 14001 Environment Management System certified. As such we have devised an effective environmental management system, which includes a robust policy and operational procedures to ensure active management and compliance.


Average KGCO2e
over the last 3 years

Positive Impact In Action

Conducting our business in line with our four CORE responsibilities