Our team are obsessively focused on inspiring & supporting
others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.


Linea comprises experts from various disciplines with a shared passion for excellence, commitment to deliver positive results and mutual determination to put clients at the centre of everything we do. Our strength derives from the individual expertise and passion of our people, aligned with the combined capability and energy of our team.

We operate in unity, supporting clients to solve complex problems, instil best practice and drive change, across a diverse range of industry sectors, internationally.

Team Linea is a group of extensive, highly diverse and experienced professionals, operating from numerous global locations, providing clients with unparalleled experience and expertise. Put simply, whenever & wherever you need us, we have experienced team members ready to assist you achieve your goals.

Ian Chambers

Mark Taylor

David Axon

Ibrahim Sheikh

Munir Herzallah

Margaret Pratt

Dr Dina Omar Ismail

Dr Hasham Khan

Mark Steel

Neil Orvay

Greg Young

Les Murray

Dirk Lembregts

John Knights

Martyn Best

Elaine Strachan-Hall

Dr Deborah Kendall

Stephen Moore

Peter Loomes

Damen Parker

Lawrence Olumbori

Luke Firth

Process Improvement

Yasmin Rafiq

Martin Jones

Claire Schneider-Williams




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