Linea to Provide Essential COVID Screening Services

The world has suddenly found itself in an unprecedented situation with the arrival of COVID-19 and the economic crisis that comes with it.  In these rapidly changing times, we understand that many organisations are facing new challenges brought about by their employees having to work remotely and restricted access to customers.

Linea is now able to offer a complete solution in supporting employees back to work and enabling safe, compliant access to customers, ultimately getting your organisation back on its feet.

We are able to offer advice and support on how to become COVID compliant, testing for all your employees / customers / patients and an innovative digital health passport.

Rapid Recovery & Resilience

Our comprehensive COVID Screening Services enable organisations to provide safe and compliant environments for employees, customers and communities, ensuring rapid recovery of business activities and enduring resilience, thereby significantly reducing operational pressures and safeguarding organisational survival.

COVID Credentials

As Government accredited advisers we have significant experience of COVID and have from the outset supported various public and private sector organisations with COVID Programme Management, Crisis Management, Recovery & Resilience.

During this period we have assisted various NHS Hospitals with workforce management, operational productivity, financial efficiency, PPE provision and service restoration.  In doing so Linea were fundamental in establishing COVID safe environments for staff and patients, whilst also establishing one of the very first NHS drive-thru Screening Centres.  Subsequently we expanded these offers with; walk-thru services, home visits and mail order testing.

Following these pioneering months, we are now extremely well placed to support clients and are regularly asked by organisations to support them through COVID. Consequently, we have continued to develop our capacity and capabilities and are now able to provide one of the most comprehensive COVID screening services, internationally,  comprising:   

  • Medically qualified screening staff
  • Specialist Laboratories
  • Various leading technology applications
  • Leading health & safety advisory support.

If you would like to find out more about the support we can provide, please contact a member of the team who will be happy to help.