Clinicians Prescribe Efficiency System

Working with a large Acute University Teaching Trust, providing care across 3 sites to identify cost improvement initiatives.


In order for the Trust to meet its financial challenges and efficiency targets it was essential for the organisation to engage its employees to identify cost savings and efficiency initiatives.

The Trust engaged Linea to develop and implement a concept to promote Operations Excellence and Lean Thinking.

The concept had to appeal to senior clinicians to become an acceptable programme.

The system had to be simple to understand, easy to use and quick to update.

It had to track current and historic information to support future learning and decision making.

Financial pressures meant rapid implementation was essential.


  • Create an Operations Excellence System to help leaders improve performance across five key areas.
  • Develop visual management boards and an electronic database to support implementation and operational use.
  • Devise concepts accompanied by training guides and templates to improve performance.
  • Train staff in the use of the system and facilitate hands-on training in the practical, operational use of Lean ix
    Sigma tools.


  • System successfully implemented in 70 wards in 3 months. It was fundamental in the achievement of the Trust’s Cost Improvement Programme.
  • Achieved quantifiable improvements across all five key metrics.
  • Leaders adept and comfortable using a range of Lean Six Sigma and general management tools.
  • Significant improved focus and understanding of metrics and performance against targets.

“Linea’s Affinity5™ concept has changed the way clinical leaders manage their wards. Leaders and their teams are actively resolving problems and improving performance to ensure that they meet targets and manage budgets.”Associate Director of Nursing




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